UK Company Formation

business services for non-residents looking to start a business in the UK

Unlocking Business Opportunities with Corrios' Company Registration Service

Starting a business in a new country can be daunting, especially when navigating complex legal and administrative procedures. For non-residents looking to establish a business presence in the UK and European Union and tap into lucrative markets such as eBay, Amazon, or Etsy, Corrios offers a comprehensive Company Registration service tailored to streamline the process and provide essential support every step of the way.

A Gateway to Success:

Corrios understands the immense potential of the UK and EU markets and the opportunities they present for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. Our Company Registration service serves as a gateway to unlocking these opportunities, offering a hassle-free solution for non-residents looking to establish a business presence and capitalize on the thriving e-commerce landscape.

Comprehensive Support:

At Corrios, we go above and beyond to support our clients in their business ventures. Our Company Registration service encompasses a wide range of essential services, including:

  1. Company Registration: We handle the entire company registration process, ensuring compliance with local regulations and providing guidance every step of the way.

  2. Registered Address: Establish a physical presence in the UK with a registered address provided by Corrios, giving your business credibility and legitimacy.

  3. VAT Registration and Returns: Our team assists with VAT registration and manages VAT returns, helping you navigate complex tax regulations and compliance requirements.

  4. Mail Forwarding: Stay connected and organized with our mail forwarding service, ensuring that important correspondence reaches you promptly and securely.

  5. OSS Registration: For businesses selling goods to customers in the EU, we offer OSS (One-Stop-Shop) registration services to simplify VAT compliance and reporting obligations.

Strategic Partnerships:

Corrios has forged strategic partnerships with some of the best companies in the industry to offer a comprehensive suite of services to our clients. Our network of trusted partners ensures that you receive the highest quality support and guidance throughout your business journey.

Unlock Your Potential:

With Corrios' Company Registration service, non-residents gain access to a trove of opportunities in the UK and EU markets. Whether you're an ambitious entrepreneur looking to launch a new venture or an established seller seeking to expand your reach, our tailored solutions provide the support you need to succeed.

Seize the Opportunity:

Don't let bureaucratic hurdles stand in the way of your business aspirations. With Corrios by your side, you can navigate the complexities of company registration and establish a solid foundation for success in the UK and EU markets. Let us be your trusted partner on the path to business growth and prosperity.

Get Started Today:

Ready to embark on your entrepreneurial journey? Contact Corrios to learn more about our Company Registration service and how we can help you unlock the full potential of the UK and EU markets. Together, let's turn your business aspirations into reality.