B2B Marketplace Franchise

Help us reach more local manufacturers and generate nice profits while doing so


Corrios is the premier B2B marketplace dedicated exclusively to European and British suppliers, including manufacturers and wholesalers. Our unique model ensures that each country we operate in is represented by a single, exclusive partner. This franchise agreement is valid for one year and can be renewed based on the partner's performance, fostering a high standard of service and growth.

By the end of 2025, Corrios plans to expand into the United States, the League of Arab States, Africa, and India, while deliberately excluding China and its neighboring countries from our franchise network. Our expansion strategy emphasizes quality over quantity, maintaining our commitment to exceptional partnerships.

Our partners play a pivotal role in our growth, tasked with onboarding new suppliers to the platform, enhancing the marketplace's diversity and reach. Corrios is dedicated to creating robust, exclusive networks that drive success for suppliers and businesses alike.