Building the Corrios platform has been a monumental life goal for some of us—a venture both staggering and intimidating. Faced with the challenge of tight budget constraints, the journey has been fueled by the sheer will and desire to contribute something meaningful to the European Union and support British manufacturers. This endeavor has evolved into an extraordinary odyssey, one that would not have been possible without the crucial assistance of various companies and individuals.

From the realms of IT & Software, accounting, express deliveries, couriers, hauliers, sea transport freight forwarders to marketing agencies, a diverse array of entities has generously supported us in multifaceted ways. Their contributions span from financial backing to sharing invaluable know-how and expertise, turning what seemed like an insurmountable task into a tangible reality.

This page is a heartfelt dedication to these collaborators—the dreamers who dared to believe in a vision even when it existed merely as a PDF file. It celebrates those with the foresight to see beyond immediate challenges, individuals who aspire to make a positive impact on their countries despite the significant likelihood of facing obstacles. To those who defy the odds and pursue their dreams with unyielding determination, this page stands as a tribute.

A resounding thank you echoes from the entirety of our team to these visionary supporters. Your belief, encouragement, and varied contributions have been the backbone of our success. The list below is a completely random acknowledgment, devoid of any hierarchy or correlation to financial support. It is a mere expression of our gratitude for the collaborative spirit that has propelled Corrios forward. Here's to the dreamers, the believers and those who make things happen against all odds—a big thank you from all of us at Corrios!

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